Services in Colorado

Therapeutic Massage

​30 Minutes $50
​60 Minutes $85
​90 Minutes $125

Specialty Massage & Energy Work

Please schedule 24 hours in advance

Payment Policies

We accept cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa. All credit card payments will incur an additional $3 service charge.
When you schedule your appointment, please confirm the cost of your session.

Cancellation Policy

Everyone’s time is important.
Should you decide to cancel, we respectfully request advance notice of at least 24 hours, by phoning 603.986.6000.
Missed appointments or last-minute cancellations on your part will be billed the full amount.

Gift Certificates

Simply let us know where you would like the certificate to be sent.
You may call us at 603.986.6000 and we will send certificates to you or to the recipient.

Kindly scroll down to find out more about the variety of services
offered in our Boulder, CO massage therapy office:

An image of a couples massage, highlighting the therapeutic massages included in our NH massage therapy services

During your session it is extremely important for you to communicate with your therapist about your preferences for massage style and pressure
Head, Neck, and Shoulders ~
Massage which specifically focuses on these areas.
Prenatal Massage ~
After the first trimester is perfect for mothers-to-be in relieving fatigue of the changing body during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor first.
Reflexology ~
restores energy throughout the body and stimulates healthy
function of internal organs by palpation of points on hands and feet.
Swedish (Traditional Relaxation Massage) ~
a full body massage which increases oxygen for circulation, relieves stress, and relaxes the entire body structure through rhythmic strokes towards the heart.

An image of hands on a back, highlighting the specialty massages offered as part of our NH massage therapy services.

Aromatherapy ~
enhances your relaxation experience during the massage by engaging limbic system (smell) with pure essences of aromatic plants.
Deep Tissue Massage ~
focuses on the deep muscles located below the superficial layer.
Lymphatic Massage ~
assists in detoxifying the body and boosting immune system using very slow, gentle, rhythmic strokes.
Neuromuscular ~
balances Central Nervous System by using soft tissue manipulation to relieve pain, decrease swelling and stiffness in the joints.
Sports Massage ~
increases blood and lymphatic flow to speed the healing of acute injuries and chronic medical conditions.
Trigger Point Therapy ~
incorporates palpation of tender, tight, “painful,” and over-sensitized areas to release stress and body tension.

An image of a hand massage, highlighting the energy work offered as part of our NH massage therapy services.

Reiki Energy Work ~
releases emotional patterns and balances the Chakras while bringing body, mind and spirit into balance.
Shiatsu (Japanese for finger pressure) ~
is based on a system of energy pathways that run through the body allowing energy to flow freely through these pathways, resulting in deep relaxation, relief from tight muscles, and general well being.

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